Legislative Accomplishments



  • Received an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association and the Texas State Rifle Association PAC.
  • 100% perfect voting record from the National Federation of Independent Business, the Texas Association of Realtors (TREPAC), the Texas Association of Manufacturers and Texans for Lawsuit Reform.
  • Faircloth fights for limited government, property tax relief and a pro-small business climate.
  • Wayne has earned the endorsement from the Texas Society of Anesthesiologist’s (TSAPAC).
  • Wayne’s 100% pro-life voting record and the commitment Wayne and Cheryl share with our community have earned Wayne the 2017 endorsement from Texas Alliance for Life and Texans for Life. Wayne has also received a 100% voting record from Texas Right to Life. 




  • Led the fight to fix the abuses in the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association to ensure our protection from hurricanes.
  • Championed issues important to the University of Texas Medical Branch and Texas A&M Galveston.
  • Worked with Coastal Leaders to pass Senate Bill 28, which created a ship channel improvement revolving fund to finance projects for navigation districts and construction or improvements of public roadways that will enhance connectivity to ports.
  • Consistently fought for cutting taxes, including reducing the margins tax by 25% and providing $1.24 billion in tax relief for homeowners.
  • Fought for Border Security and $840 million that also allows for 250 new Department of Public Safety troopers and a 50-hour work week for all troopers.



  • Vice Chairman, Culture, Recreation & Tourism
  • Land & Resource Management
  • Rules and Resolutions
  • Texas Ports, Innovation & Infrastructure
  • House Energy Council
  • Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission
  • Texas Association of Manufacturers, Chairman of Caucus
  • Coastal Barrier Committee, Sponsor and Member




  • Representative Faircloth authored and passed legislation to work on a coastal barrier system that will protect Galveston Island and surrounding counties from the impact of a storm surge during a major hurricane.
  • Authored legislation that appropriated funds to support UTMB and Texas A&M Galveston and provided additional funding for Galveston College and College of the Mainland.
  • Helped give the American National Insurance Company the freedom to invest in Texas.
  • Helped Galveston park boards funding for beach re-nourishment.
  • Worked on port, transportation and network policies to manage heavy haul and traffic policies.
  • Passed texting and driving ban which is enforceable across the state.
  • Helped pass key pro-life legislation that bans partial-birth abortions, prohibits the sale of fetal tissues and organs, and prohibits abortion by the method of dismemberment.
  • Reduced red tape and licensure fees for registered handgun owners to $40.
  • Secured funding for Highway 87 elevating roadways on Bolivar Peninsula.
  • Fought for Texas Windstorm insurance reform.
  • Provided Texas City ISD and LaMarque annexation gap funds totaling $18 million dollars.
  • Fought for local government control and stopped unfunded mandates from the state to counties and cities.
  • Worked on legislation funding border security; resulting in reducing crossings by 70%.
  • Passed legislation providing TRS care for retired teachers. This includes $763 million in funding for 2016-2017 and another $232 million to lower insurance premiums for 2018-2019.
  • Restored additional state aid for tax reduction funding to affected school districts with hardship grants of $150 million dollars.
  • Sponsored legislation that created a baccalaureate program for Galveston College and College of the Mainland in applied sciences, technology and nursing.
  • Passed a conservative budget that stays well beneath the constitutional spending cap and keeps the budget below what would be necessary to account for population and inflation increases.