About Wayne Faircloth

I am a 4th generation Texan and proud of it! I love my God and Savior, my country and my family. I also love my state. Growing up on a farm in southeast Texas, I learned the value of hard work, strong family, and an involved community. I still believe in teaching children what it means to respect your elders and everyone you meet. After graduating college at Sam Houston State University, my wife and I took teaching jobs in Galveston County. I am currently an insurance agent, of over 30 years. Together, Cheryl and I have raised five children. We are blessed to share the lives of our children and five grandchildren.


I am a fourth generation Texan and have lived in Galveston County for over 35 years. My work experience includes teaching/coaching in the public schools to working at UTMB as a manufacturers representative for Merck, Inc.  The experience gained during this time allowed me to start and build my own business. I built an insurance business from the ground up in Dickinson, Texas.

Having represented the people of Galveston County and Texas for the past 30 years as an insurance agent, I have learned to accept challenges and take personal responsibility. Hurricane Ike brought hundreds of property claims to my agency.Many of those losses were handled directly by my office.


All of my life  I have overcome the odds, finding answers that others did not consider. I am now able to find solutions when others are prone to accept limitations. I am challenged by the idea that there is only one solution to a problem. Creating practical, workable solutions to complex issues is what I do best.

I have been actively involved in the Republican Party since the 1980s. I have worked as precinct chairman, election judge, poll watcher, and served as a delegate at party conventions. I believe that capitalism in a free market economy is the path to prosperity. As residents of District 23, we are part of the energy capitol of the world and as such, should build our future on shared energy and innovation. We need competition not regulatory constraint.

Today, my life is anchored in faith, family, and community.


Faith, family, and community.

Enduring the storms of life has caused me to grow in each of these areas. I have gained strength through struggles. Business has challenges and I know what it is to operate on a tight budget in a struggling economy. Payroll, staffing, and taxes are the challenges of every small business owner. I live this challenge every day. State government must find new ways to expand efficiency and decrease regulations on small business. Our mission is to create an environment of collaboration between business, labor and government. We are all striving for the same goals: peace, prosperity, and security. May God help us find our way and may God bless the great state of Texas!